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Thursday, 3 July 2014

D's Update: Computers, Communications and Cats

Edited July 3 at 9:54 am:  Well folks.... it's taken me 6 DAYS to get this article to post!  I was literally about to go over to Bill's place and retype it all out on his computer and get him to post it on American Kabuki instead!!  Well.... I'm about to press publish- everyone cross your fingers!!!

June 27th, 2014,

Good morning everyone!

I'm back..... again. lol.

Since my last post, I've run into a litany of communications issues.  It's almost as if someone is telling me to stay off the computer- which really doesn't work well with my schedule, lol.

This is just a short update to let you all know what has been happening with me in the past week or so- this is actually a communication to all my friends and family in the various Skype rooms and to those wondering why I'm not responding to their emails or skype messages.  Apparently skype is no longer my friend as it's refusing to update for me.  Yesterday I managed to get into the ONE room for a brief moment, but again this morning we are back to not getting any skype messages- either personal or in the rooms.   I also can't get my email account to open, nor can I get into my RTS site (I'm typing this into a word doc in the desperate hope that I can send it to someone else to try to post it on their computer- if you're not reading this, then obviously my plan has failed, lol).   I also seem to cause internet failure as soon as I come into proximity to anyone else's computer- Nick can't get online either if I'm next to him or have any plans to use his computer, lol!!!! I said, it's kinda like someone is telling me that I'm not suppose to be posting right now!  I can't even get Bill's internet network to work for me and he's only 30 feet away !!  Nick and Bill spent over an hour yesterday trying to get my computer to go online.... which worked for about 15 minutes- enough time for my skype to update, finally delivering messages - some of which were weeks old! ...

...Help me Obiwan Kabuki!  You're my only hope!


Any way, that is my huge tale of woes for this moment.  I have been TRYING to get online to post a pile of updates, but the universe is conspiring to make that difficult it would seem.  Nuff said.

As far as the updates themselves are concerned, the vast majority of them will be forth coming, but I wanted to let you all know about the biggest update for this very moment.  In the very near future, Lisa Harrison will be launching the new ONE Network!   I will be joining Lisa and Brian and Bob on the new network for the round table discussion, and we will be launching the new Transpicuous News Update Show!!  One of the biggest changes will be that the ONE Network will not be using blog talk radio any more, and the new format will be video shows!  At this point we will not be doing live shows until the internet is more stable, but Lisa has worked out a brilliant way for people to interact with the Video shows and to still be able to as questions etc. The ONE Network will also feature articles and links to notable pieces of information, a live chat room, and no doubt other bells and whistles as development moves forward.

The New Transpicuous News Update show will feature myself (and perhaps a guest or two) reviewing and deciphering the latest main stream media news and working on bringing information out to the public.... transparently. ...... most likely with a healthy dose of sarcasm and the occasional facepalm/headdesk to accentuate certain points.  The videos of the "news casts" will be posted on the ONE Network and the Transpicuous News sites, with a list of links to all of the News stories that are discussed for people to read (and dissect) at their own leisure.

edited July 3: At this moment we will still be using an audio format for the shows as several people are currently traveling.  The current plan is to move into video format for all the shows next month.

We are all pretty excited about all of this!

The final note for today is a personal request that is very emotional for me.  For the past year since our family moved to Morocco, one of my best friends has been looking after our cats.  We had hoped to be able to ship our cats to Morocco to be with us, but that hasn't worked out, nor is it in the best interest for our feline family members.   After a year of loving care, my friend can no longer look after them any more as they are moving. We cannot bring them here, and so we need to find them a new loving permanent home. They are in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada.  If you know someone who would like to adopt two loving  cats, please contact Nick at (...since I can't get into my email account).  Mobius is a Grey and Black tabby striped boy  who is 2 years old and neutered.  Iggy is a 14 month old boy who is white with coloured tabby spots.  Both boys are indoor cats and unvaccinated, they are use to being around lots of kids and love to play- but are NOT good with dogs.   I am hoping that one of my GTA readers will be able to help us find them a new home with a family who will love them as much as we do.   Because of my communications "issues", this matter has become an urgent need!

Our family will be moving to a new home in the next few days -our current house's well pump died when the water levels in the well dropped  below it's intake, and after three weeks of hauling water out of the well by hand, the well is now almost completely dry!!!- So I will most likely not be online for the next couple of days, but I will be back very soon ... even if I have to steal someone elses computer to do it, hahahahah!!!!!

edited July 3:  since writing this original post, our computer situation has drastically deteriorated as now Nick's computer has crashed and is no longer charging, and my computer is having an epileptic seizure every time I hit the enter button.   Side note to the Universe:  I DO NOT CONSENT!!!!    (seriously!!!   sheeesh!)  

Monday, 23 June 2014

I AM... Back!!!!

Good morning my friends!!!!!!  Long time no chat!

As you may or may not have noticed, many of us here in Aouchtam Morocco have been taking an extended break from the internet and the realms of computer communication. This was a multi-faceted hiatus for myself and many others. Not only did we purposely create a news blackout for the Aouchtam area (which I will delve into in greater detail at another time), but it became very clear to a lot of us that it was time to change things up, retire old energetics and create new pathways forward.  Speaking for myself, this time of renewing, reenergizing, and rediscovering was a vital event in moving forward, beyond old paradigm patterns and programming.  When my laptop became a burden and the very act of turning it on made me cringe.... I knew it was "time" to focus my attention inward and outward from ME to ME, I AM.

I AM.... renewed!

My computer is magically no longer a burden and my fingers itch to write out the many many internal/external "revelations" that have been flowing for the past couple of months.  The reflections of the Macro-Cosmic in the Micro-Cosmic flow of the last few months in Aouchtam have been awe inspiring and very.... illuminating.  I will be writing about all of this very soon ...

After my extended hiatus from the computer ball and chain (lol), I woke this morning to read this article written by Bill/American Kabuki- the first thing I've read online in ages- and I literally applauded!!!  This is a brilliant article and I immediately knew that reposting it would be the kickoff to me jumping head first into my laptop's world once again.

Thank you Bill!!


Last dance of separation on every channel

By American Kabuki

Living in Morocco as I have since last November has given me an interesting outsiders view of American media machine that I wouldn't normally get from inside the USA.  It used to be that CNN and BBC could be relied upon for some decent news coverage.  Who can forget Bernard Shaw reporting from the Baghdad Hilton as cruise missiles streamed in on night vision cameras?  But these days that thin veneer professional journalism has peeled and flaked away back to the pure cardboard propaganda stand for the Wall Street petrodollar/Federal Reserve cabal they always were.  CNN had ratings decline by 45% during the coverage of the missing Malaysian flight 370.  Nobody believes anything thing American news outlets say.  And the ratings prove it.

And God bless Obama.  Putting into Presidential orders policies that were secretly practiced for decades but now it part of the official records!

My apartment came with an old cathode ray TV and a satellite feed, not that there's much I really want to watch on it -  there isn't.  I have to pay for those channels and my sat box didn't come with a decoder. I would like to see Game of Thrones but HBO is not distributing that via Amazon.

There are the usual news channels of the cabal sort - BBC Worldwide and the petro-dollar financed Al Jazeera in Qatar.  CNBC and Bloomberg seem to have the strongest satellite signals.  I nearly died laughing as BBC financial talking heads spouting the latest quantitative easing bullshit while the largest spherical UFO I have ever seen flies right behind them over the City of London. Talk about irony! Switch to camera 2!   Creator Source truly has a very funny sense of humor and this world is getting funnier by the minute as the contrast desparate clings to the illusion of separation!
I don't have a decoder for CNN International's signal so that is out of the loop for me so I am left with Russia Today and CCTV from China.  Russia Today actually has pretty good coverage of the USA, but I don't expect to get the straight scoop from it on the Ukraine or Russian politics.  Recently killed RT journalists in the Ukraine were given burials with military honors, which belies the stated civilian nature of the reporters.  Theres's blood on everyone's hands in the Ukraine, but there's no doubt the Russians were not fooled by the west installing a central banker to run the Ukraine and all the pipeline politics that country is the middle of between east and west.

NHK from Japan seems to get its news straight off the Reuter's feed, not much original reporting there. They truly are "news readers" and sing the praise of Abe-nomics while the bond markets in Japan open late because there's no one to buy government debt at those low interest rates.  NHK seems to exist mainly as a video buffet cart of sanitized Japanese culture, minus the pachinko parlors and Yakuza tats. Speaking of Yakuza and laundered off book bonds, remember those bonds that showed up in Italy that were confiscated by Italian police a few years ago?  Turns out Berlusconi had passed a law just prior to that, that any illegally laundered financial instruments became property of the government so if you had to pass a rather large bribe to a very high Italian official what better way than to do it broad daylight under the supervision of the keystone cops of Italy, the Carabinieri? Just sayin'... Remember the fuss Neil Keenan made about that? What became of old Neil?  Swissindo?  Even Ron Van Dyke has moved on to another set ofDragons...  but it is good to see that some of these blood lines do get it... perhaps the message from the "Old Man" is getting through to the kids...

Which brings me to a thought about bloodlines and whole annanauki genetic manipulation thing.  DNA is not as fixed as we think it is, its affected by consciousness like all of the material world is... and as the consciousness changes so does the DNA in these blood lines who have been traditionally believed incapable of compassion... many of the children of the various blood line families are doing a huge amount of quiet work to undo what their genetic ancestors unleashed on this planet.  Indeed a good many souls of light purposely incarnated into those families to bring light into them under the toughest circumstances possible.  Blanket hatred is just another tool of separation. Don't fall for it.

There's a new TV channel called Ariang which is the NHK wanna-be from South Korea featuring high production values, HD hardware and the latest of dish up of gender ambiguous K-Pop singers and new tech gadgets from South Korean multinationals.  Again not much I want to watch unless I am shopping for a new Samsung Android tablet.  The Thai channel went dead during the recent coup, and now its resurrected with non-stop Buddhism coverage and ads offering people courses that will enable them to be an ordained Buddhist.

Many of the satellite channels are full of American Christian preachers and Muslim preachers and the similarity in broadcast styles is quite amazing.  They clearly are learning from each other.  There's also a Shiite Muslim channel that spreads fear about how much Sunni's hate them. Obvious cabal channel that one, it has only one purpose generate fear and hatred.  There's even a Padre Pio channel from Italy where you can watch the embalmed body of stigmatist Padre Pio lay reclined in his glass coffin. Looks a bit like slumbering holy grail Templar in Indian Jones and the Last Crusade.  Now if you thought Lenin and Stalin's tomb was bizarre you gotta see 24/7 coverage of a dead Catholic priest's body. Brings a whole new meaning to the media term "dead air". 

Continue reading HERE

Monday, 12 May 2014

QEG: Official update from Jamie- May 10th

This is the latest update from Jamie about the QEG in Aouchtam Morocco.

.... People need to remember that this is a product in DEVELOPMENT.  All of this was made very clear during the open sourcing and the lead up to all the information being opened to the public.

....... I would also like to add a note that so far that I've seen, out of the over 600 people that donated money to develop the QEG, no one has demanded their money back.  All the people trying to throw rotting fruit at Hope and Val and Jamie over the "donations" and the money questions aren't even the ones that donated money anyway!  And THAT should tell you something.

from sunny Aouchtam....

Love D


Hi everyone! We've not had internet for the past couple of days since I promised an update. Here it is from Jamie:

Morocco QEG Build – General Progress Update – Part 1 10-May-2014
From: Jamie
To: All our Amazing Supporters and Followers

As I’m sure everyone is aware, we have had many engineers and technicians here in Morocco working on the QEG with us in the last 3 weeks. Of particular note are the guys from Germany and the German speaking countries, Holland, UK, Canada, and Slovenia. Thanks to these dedicated individuals for their time, effort, and support, spiritually as well as technically… And thanks also to all the amazing and selfless people who brought us parts for the QEG in their suitcases and carry-ons without regard for risk involved. All have contributed to this endeavor, and all are greatly appreciated!

I must personally apologize to all for not publishing more material and more of my own comments on progress etc., to date. It has been a struggle to keep the build and the development process moving forward due mostly to difficulty sourcing parts here, and researching design questions. There has been little choice but to just keep working and try to catch up with your questions, comments and communication whenever internet/phone are available (which is only about 3% of the time in Aouchtam). The engineers and residents here have just made some improvements with the internet hardware, so we’re expecting communications to be a bit better now going forward. And hopefully this update will clear up most of the technical concerns and lack of documentation.

I’m sure the question in everyone’s mind is: How close are we to overunity? Well, here in Morocco, we are very close, within about 200 Watts (800 Watts out for 1000 Watts in at this point in development). We have heard yesterday and today that (2) other groups have completed the basic QEG build, and have resonance. This is good news, since the more people we have working on the development, the faster we will reach our goal.

In the last few days, several negative posts and comments have been circulating about what we are doing here. This is astonishing to us! Apparently some groups and individuals were expecting a completely finished product to be delivered into their hands, with nothing left to do. We have always said that as soon as we got the basic resonance from the machine, we would open source all the information we had, and that’s what we’ve done. The intent was to co-develop the machine in an open source platform, with input, comments, test data, solutions and suggestions shared transparently between all groups that have chosen to build the machine.

Continuing in that spirit, here is a snapshot of our current status…
As we’ve said before, after the mechanical build, it’s not too difficult to get the machine into resonance, since it is a variable frequency generator. We were instructed (by WITTS) to ’match’ the electrical resonance (‘tank’ circuit resonant frequency), with the mechanical resonance (self-resonant frequency of the steel core) which was stated to be around 400 Hz. It was also stated that type M21 steel should be used for the core (however, M21 has been obsolete for many years), and that type M19 could also be used, but the resonant frequency would be lower. It was stated that a ‘harmonic’ could be used, such as 200 Hz, and that would work also. We decided to look for a peak power point (fundamental resonant frequency) between 1733 RPM (116 Hz output frequency) and 3008 RPM (200 Hz output), as this seemed a reasonable speed range for the mechanical setup (Witts’ machine is running about 2450 RPM in the latest video).

We arranged a test using small increments of capacitance (about 7 nF each) starting at the low RPM end (about 1733 RPM, with C of 332 nF). We did 45 iterations, in order of increasing frequency, with the input power fixed at 700 watts. The target was to plot output power against input power to try to develop a bell curve showing a peak resonant frequency. After 43 iterations, we went back to the first C/RPM value to verify it had not changed, and added one more iteration at an extra-low frequency (1727 Hz = 115Hz output frequency). We also did one shot with the input power fixed at 900 Watts (see attached tabbed spreadsheet “QEG Resonance Plot.xlsx”).

As can be seen from the data, the expected trend did not really emerge from this test. The curve is quite flat (no curve) in the targeted speed range, and there is no obvious increase in power. The extreme low RPM end has the best power output and phase lock effect, which also seems to increase linearly as frequency is reduced. However this result doesn’t really fit with the mechanical setup (machine is running too slow) or with expectations from the WITTS instructions. We are currently testing at 3000 RPM (200 Hz) and above, to determine whether or not there is a peak power point in this range (which seems too fast).

It’s possible the 7nF steps we used were too large, but not likely that the peak resonant point would be that sharp. If we do not find a peak in the range of 200 Hz and above, we will assume that the exciter coil must be in place and operational to be able to find the ‘sweet spot’ in tuning the capacitors to the core resonance. We are determined to document and publish the technique necessary to do this ‘etheric’ tuning.

We have also heard from others who have taken the WITTS classes, that an antenna of 20 to 50 feet in length, along with the earth ground(s), are important to bring energy in from the environment, and that the exciter coil can be connected in the primary circuit or the secondary circuit. We will try all possible combinations of these connections, and report our findings in Part 2 of this update.

We are having some preliminary success with the exciter coil wired in series with the primary, at a nominal RPM/C value of 2700/140nF. The output is loaded with 6 100 Watt, 240V incandescent lamps, wired in series to provide a relatively light load, but allowing the output voltage to rise as high as 1440 volts (240 Volts X 6). While adjusting the rotor speed to provide about 500 Volts output, we have a small spark in the gap. We have been able to tickle the spark gap and keep a small arc going for several seconds at a time.

We will continue with testing for a max resonance point in the speed range of 200 Hz and above, and also with examining exciter coil effects on power output. We will provide results and analysis of testing in Part 2 of this update, in a few days.

We are very grateful to 3 of our UK guys who have provided a complete array of test equipment, delivered personally last night here in Morocco. This will be invaluable to us for ongoing development, and to publish readings and results.

(Also attaching the update word document here and the QEG Resonance Plot excel spreadsheet.)

Stay ‘tuned’ for more…
Much Love and Light!

I cannot embed the doc here, but you can find it at this link:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Contrast that isn't

I have talked many times before about the "contrast" that we have watched and experienced over the past eons.   The contrast of so called "light" and "dark" is the experience of separation and duality that we chose to experience to expand our experience of ONE.

There has been much discussion about this perception of contrast, and the perception of the difference between "light" and "dark", or "good" and "bad" in a huge amount of books, articles, radio shows and interviews, and channeled messages. We have talked about "good guys" and "bad guys", "good military" and "bad military",  "good aliens" and "bad aliens",  "angels" and "demons"... the list goes on and on, and always there seems to be that "contrast" between this group and that one.

It is very easy, it seems, to allow yourself the freedom to label someone else as something. It is seemingly easy to stand back and attach a stereotype or cliche label to someone you don't agree with.  It is also easy to express that that person needs to change, or that you want to help them change, or that change is necessary to move forward....  

And yet, maybe that contrast is being held up for a purpose?

Until just recently I would of been at the head of the line for thinking that way. Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been watching and thinking about the micro and macro of how so many interactions and different opinions and ideas and actions work together to form a play that gives the watchers and the players themselves the opportunity to really SEE and LISTEN and LOOK WITHIN.

We ARE ONE.  We are all equal, and all opinions and perceptions have equal value in the experience that we agreed to play our part in.  This IS the separation and duality that we are acting out.  Without differing opinions, perceptions, ideas, actions or intentions, there is nothing to experience, right?  How do we grow without having something new to think about or to learn from or to experience?  Even if you do not agree with an idea, action or an opinion, you still learn FROM that perception, even if only to decide that you do not agree with it.

Experiences are something that we experience to LEARN.  The trick is to SEE the learning experience when it is placed in front of you and to be able to SEE the mirror that is being held up for you to look into. I have talked a lot in the skype rooms about people holding up mirrors for each other, and that many times something that irks or irritates you about someone else is the very thing that you yourself are unconsciously dealing (or not dealing) with.  When we are in a situation or an experience that is uncomfortable or angering or sad, or even happy and joyous, it gives us an opportunity to look into that mirror  that is being held up and to SEE ourselves and what part we have played in that experience and to analyze our actions/reactions to it.  We can look at the whole or the parts and ask ourselves "Is this me? What part did I play in this?  Is this being played out for ME to learn something?  Why did I react this way?".  If it isn't you or your mirror to look into, then you can pass it on knowing that you did look into the mirror and that the message wasn't for you. 

There is an naked honesty that we need to have when we look within ourselves.  If you are not honest with yourself, then the same message will keep playing out in front of you, each message getting closer and closer together and stronger and more insistent to get you to listen. The perceived "Contrast" gets bigger and stronger till you have no choice but to really look at it.  I have found that the quicker I "get it" that the easier it is to absorb the lesson, and that delaying/denying the accountability of that lesson to myself quickly turns it into a cold icky dish that is difficult to choke back, lol.  It's kind of like the "Ow Hot!" lesson:  You can listen when mom tells you that the stove is hot and  not touch it, or you can not listen and learn the hard way "OW HOT!!!"- either way the lesson gets learned sooner or later.  How many blisters you have to endure to learn the lesson is up to you though.

ALL opinions have a value- regardless of whether you agree with it or not.  Contrast serves a very important purpose in all things that we DO.  It holds a mirror for us to look into and it also gives us clarity of our own perceptions, sometimes even serving to be a barometer for looking within at our actions/reactions.  Contrast also serves a purpose, or PURPOSE.  It is easy to judge or to label someone else's actions or words as negative, and yet perhaps those actions or words are actually there to create a positive effect!  Many things that we might perceive to be negative, may actually be something necessary to bring about a very positive experience.

Two nights ago I had a very vivid energetic experience that really pushed this point home.  In it I saw a series of events and situations reviewed, ones that I would have considered "negative" or "contrasting".  As each situation/person reviewed itself in front of me I was told very clearly "Everything IS PERFECT!  Allow it to play out as it is and it will be perfectly done, just as it was planned.  Do not intrude or meddle.... everything is flowing exactly as it is suppose to!".

I can and have looked into the mirror and know that one of my faults is that I am very much a controller and a fixer..... these messages were a good kick in the ass for me, to remind me that everything really IS perfect as it is and that sometimes we need to stand back and allow things to play out. Not out of apathy or disinterest, but in understanding that while we might not see it yet, things really ARE playing out perfectly and are perfectly done.

One of my favorite authors wrote: "Everything that happens, happens exactly as it should".

Lesson learned.

Remember this: We are ALL on the same team.  As a matter of fact, there are no teams!!!  There is just ONE.  The roles that each of us plays in this experience is only a role.  The reality is that there is NO CONTRAST!  There are no "good guys" or "bad guys", no "Light" or "Dark". There is only ONE. Our perceptions of duality and separation are just the experience that we chose to experience so that we can experience EVERYTHING. 

As the play comes to an end, all the actors come to the front of the stage to take a bow together as ONE.  When the makeup and the costumes are taken off, the actors are no longer the perceived "heroes" or "villains".... they are just friends sitting around after the show, having a drink and a bite to eat, laughing and enjoying themselves.  Congratulating each other for a job well done and thanking each other for playing such amazing roles with so much LOVE.

The Play of Duality is over.

Now it's time to kick back and love and laugh and just be ONE.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Morocco QEG Update: DOing it differently this time

Huge thanx to Justin and Julian for keeping everyone up to date on the QEG development here in Aouchtam.   Below is the article they posted on Sunday (sorry for the delayed reposting.... I couldn't find my computer for a while, lol).

The Mass excitement of 70 people crammed into a workshop has calmed down muchly, and the work on the QEG has been progressing at a much more quiet pace. Quiet is very nice, let me tell you, lol!!!  I am not going to give any more information at this moment as to be quite frank, I haven't asked for an update in the past two days and have encouraged everyone to leave Jamie in peace to work without interruption, with a small group of supporters (including engineers, a physicist, a Nick, and a coffee maker (me) and many others) standing by to help with anything he needs.  As soon as I have news, I will post it- I promise.

The one comment I will make about this past week is this:  The QEG IS.  It doesn't need crystals, or incense, or mantras or Ohms, or female energy or male energy, or candles or flowers, or pan pipes or singing bowls.... the QEG IS as it IS. When people are working with the QEG it is their own resonance and frequencies that are interacting with it. We are Fuckin' Beacons of Light and don't need to be "tuned" or to "set our frequencies" or to "raise our frequencies" or to BE anything other than we already BE. We BE PERFECT. Just the same, the QEG IS what it BE.  This isn't about creating a new religious icon or alter- haven't we had enough of that already? 

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Original article and more photos:

Side Note: The Exciter Coil and the spark gap box -amongst other things-were made by Nick. He also bakes cookies.... but I'm not suppose to tell anyone that.

Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 9 - Additional Capacitors Arrive: Comments from an Engineer

Photos by Julian Robles
We had one of the independent engineers that was here for the build leave a comment on Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 3 - Initial Resonance Achieved! (Video), with some updates about the QEG. This commentary is relevant to the build and we thought we would share it. Thanks for commenting!

A quick update on this "from the ground". I have been in Morocco building the QEG for the past 10 days, and arrived home yesterday.

I am an engineer and am independent of the QEG group. I went out to Morocco to be involved in the QEG build and to make independent 3rd party measurements. As suggested by Justin & Julian's comments, this video represents only the first step in truly testing the claims of the QEG - it was the first time it was turned on, and was completely un-tuned. We measured this un-tuned set-up using voltage/current probes on an oscilloscope and showed about 1000W power from the wall, and 350W across the load (in this case 3 x 100W bulbs), so a COP (co-efficiency of performance) of about 35%. This was a few days ago, and in this set-up we would not expect a COP greater than than 100% even when tuned because the circuit is not complete.

Getting readings on the oscilloscope

As of yesterday, the final parts arrived to tune the system (capacitors), and it will take a few days to complete that process. In addition to the set-up shown in this video, the 'exciter circuit' has been added, which Witts says is the important aspect for creating the over-unity effect. The tuning will attempt to match the LC tank resonance to the mechanical resonance of the core (around 400Hz). Then the exciter circuit will create a regular 1.3MHz pulse to "condition" the core and apparently allow over-unity to take place.

'exciter coil'
Should over-unity be measured, the final part of the plan is to extract some of the excess generated power on the output side and loop it back into the input (the variac & motor), meaning the mains cable can be unplugged. 

However, there is some work to do before this stage is reached. We have been spending a lot of time trying to understand the Witts work, and there are a few gaps in our knowledge that we are trying to figure out. I plan to go back out there in a few days to continue the assessment. The QEG team (Jamie, Val & Hope) are the most genuine, selfless and lovely people I have ever met. I would ask that you all have some patience with this. The right people are there to make this happen, just hold the space open to allow this to come about. 

- Mr. Jalapeno

The Capacitors have been in the QEG shop since build day 8, May 3rd, and the team has been at work since then preparing for the next round of testing. Stay tuned for more updates and as the Engineer suggested, hold the space of love and patience as we step forward into our collective future. 
- Justin and Julian

Monday, 28 April 2014

Aouchtam Update: WE HAVE QEG RESONANCE!!!!!!!!

Good morning from Aouchtam Morocco!!!!

As you may of noticed, I have been notably absent from the realms of the grand computer world for the past month,lol.  Once we got through the lack of Internet and Communications issues (although they are still ongoing - a work in progress so to speak), it was then QEG build time and it was all hands on deck!   I've spent the past 10 days working with Red in the kitchen of the club house to keep over 70 people fed.  It's been a daunting, yet amazingly fun time!

Justin posted an excellent update about Day One of the QEG build HERE

Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 1 - The Parts Arrive

With the arrival of the remaining QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) components we are now able to begin assembly. There were several delays and set backs to the original schedule and our perspective of allowance empowered us with the ability to adapt. The shaft we ordered did not arrive as ordered and a second needed to be flown in. The Core arrived in Casablanca earlier this week but was delayed due to Customs Regulations. Now that all the part have been brought together we can begin to build the QEG. Hope Girl, the main spokes person for the Fix the World Organization (FTW), often makes the comparison that the QEG is being ‘birthed’ into existence; she will present herself completely only when the conditions are right. Despite timetables, scheduling and carefully laid plans we must always be open to receiving what IS so that we may plot a course for success.

Clearing up Confusion with the QEG

Now that I have had a chance to review the QEG in more detail I feel I am ready to clear up some of the confusion which naturally is created within these emerging New Paradigm realities. There are many who have seen the issues in Taiwan and question the entire concept with a limited awareness of the Data available. Arm chair assessments without awareness of the limited data set they are produced from will usually lead to dismissing concepts out of hand; the wisest of kings know what they do not know.

Firstly, the QEG is not at a product distribution level of development. What actually occurred in March of this year was that a ‘proof of concept’ for Over Unity with the QEG design was achieved; there was a measurable and repeatable observation of greater energy output as a result of ‘turning the thing on.’ In addition, the designers developed a system for drawing power and self running the motor so that it produces the Over Unity. 

Continue Reading HERE

Day Two of the build, with an excellent update on the community in Aouchtam can be read HERE

Late last night- at approximately 12:22- the QEG was turned on in front of the entire community and I'm pretty sure the cheering was heard on Mars when the QEG achieved resonance!!!!   Brian has posted a brief video of the second resonance test on his facebook page which you can watch at this link:

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Champagne from the fridge and Jamie, Hope and Lisa popped the corks (with no one loosing an eye, although Hope did almost "pop" one of the amazing "cameramen" with her out of control cork, lol!) and the bottles were handed around and we all shared a swig to celebrate the excitement of the day.

Today will be a day of fine tuning and replacing a few parts (most notably a fan belt needs to be replaced with a better quality one), and many more testings will go on.   

During this entire build time every step, every process, every piece of the QEG has been filmed and documented and Jamie has spent a lot of time recording video footage of instructions and explanations.   Hope and Val have also led several discussions on the history of the QEG- from the very first inception to this point in time- the open sourcing of the plans, and their adventures in getting the QEG out to the public.  All of this has been filmed and there are several amazing people working on editing it all together into a full movie. 

Along with waiting for Sherrie to arrive from the US to deliver the "Shaft"  that we couldn't get here, and the waiting to get the core out of customs (which was a grand adventure all on it's own!), we've had some incredible people show up here in Aouchtam to help with the build and testing process of the QEG.   We have engineers from at least 5 different countries, builders, specialists etc... plus two lovely gentlemen arrived from the UK a few days ago with a professional video camera AND very high tech equipment for measuring all aspects of the QEG output and "over unity"!!!    Basically, Every single thing that has been needed, every single person that had a part to play.... have all shown up here at exactly the right moment!!!  Manifestation at it's best.

When all the data has been gathered and tested and measured, and all the information is compiled, and all the instructional videos and recordings etc edited and put together, then everything will be released publicly all at once.  Until then, we will be posting updates on all that is happening here, and we will keep you all informed ..... as best we can with limited internet, lol!!!!

I will leave you with some pictures with a few notes:

A few final adjustments by Jamie

The Moment of Anticipation just before turning on the QEG for the first time!

More excellent and awesome photos can be found HERE and HERE

My final note for the day:  You cannot imagine the vibration of excitement that has been thrumming through the community- building and building higher and higher.  Home is where the Heart is they say, and this is my favorite home ever!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Balance & Equilibrium: The "Feminine" & "Masculine" Division of ONE

Balance and Equilibrium.


[bal-uhns] Show IPA
a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.
something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.
a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
an instrument for determining weight, typically by the equilibrium of a bar with a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a scale or pan, one holding an object of known weight, and the other holding the object to be weighed. 

equilibrium  (ˌiːkwɪˈlɪbrɪəm)

— n  , pl -riums , -ria
1.     a stable condition in which forces cancel one another
2.     a state or feeling of mental balance; composure
3.     See thermodynamic equilibrium any unchanging condition or state of a body, system, etc, resulting from the balance or cancelling out of the influences or processes to which it is subjected
4.     physics  a state of rest or uniform motion in which there is no resultant force on a body
5.     chem  the condition existing when a chemical reaction and its reverse reaction take place at equal rates
6.     physics  the condition of a system that has its total energy distributed among its component parts in the statistically most probable manner
7.     physiol  a state of bodily balance, maintained primarily by special receptors in the inner ear
8.     the economic condition in which there is neither excess demand nor excess supply in a market
[C17: from Latin aequilībrium,  from aequi- equi-  + lībra  pound, balance]

We are currently in the time of Balancing and Re-Balancing.  Our selves, our consciousness, and everything that lies within these- which includes ALL things seen and unseen, micro and macrocosm and cosmic.  We ARE All of these, and the expansion and balance, the equilibrium of the universe, resides within US and IS US.
The key words are BALANCE and EQUILIBRIUM.  (see definitions above)
When we are working on regaining our equilibrium and re-balancing our inner world it is important to remember that balance is Not about the opposite side of the pendulum, or moving into the other extreme.  It is about BALANCE- finding the middle.
THIS is the Balance:

NOT This:

For eons we have been living in a slave system of control and domination.  This era of Control and Dominance was an extreme swing to one side of the perceived scale.
Modern psychology and anthropology have labeled this the "Patriarchal" and "Masculine" system.  We have seen a huge influx of messages and a movement over the past 50 years to push away from this so called "Patriarchal" extreme and to move "forward" to the so called "feminine" or "Matriarchal" side of the pendulum swing.  

I have been watching this developing push for a long time now, and I must admit that even before I "woke up", I could not understand it.  When I studied pagan spirituality I had many "teachers" and guides that were heavily into the "divine feminine" movement, and though they explained their reasoning and beliefs and thoughts to me over and over.... I could not grasp this concept that placing the "feminine" over the "masculine" was any better than the "masculine" over the "feminine".  When I voiced my opinion so many people looked at me like I was uttering sacrilege that I made the decision to just keep my opinion to myself.  And There it stayed for decades.
It has only been in this past year of deeply searching within that I have been able to understand WHY the "Divine Feminine" doesn't resonate with me. (and no, it's not because of the word "divine", lol!)
In coming to understand this journey of discovery, the experiment/experience of separation/duality, I realized that the final resting place of the pendulum of the perceived "masculine" and "feminine" experience wasn't at either end of the pendulum, but right in the centre.  In Equilibrium and Balance.  
Whether society and history want to admit it or not, we've already experienced the other end of the spectrum and had our time of perceived "matriarchy", or "divine feminine".  And now the other end of that spectrum of perceived experience is now over as well.  
This is what I mean by Balance and Equilibrium.  The balance point is exactly in the centre. 

Is it rational to swing the pendulum of experience all the way to the farthest point from where you started when that farthest point on the other side is equally distant from the exact centre of balance?

What is the expression?  Two wrongs do not make a right?

We are looking for and creating balance in all things, ourselves and our universe: the micro and macro of all that IS.  When we swing to one side, we create an unbalance which is equally.... unbalancing.
My final thought on this topic is one that has been strongly played out in front of me for the past few weeks and has firmly cemented the foundations of my opinion on the roles of separation and duality.  If you are creating unbalance and creating a society that is divided by separation, through religion, politics, perceived "borders", etc.....  the ultimate separation and division is to divide men from women and vice versa.  Just as "They" have created their "New" financial system, and their perceived "new" prosperity programs and their "new" paradigm of change.... they are also pushing the pendulum to the opposite side of the swing.   

Same girl, different party dress.  

Why use the terms "masculine" and "feminine" at all?   Why are we encouraging and encouraged to use words that place division between men and women?  Why are we using the words "feminine" to denote something good, better, positive, higher evolution/consciousness, and using "masculine" to denote bad, worse, negative, lower evolution/consciousness?   Is not relegating "masculine" to the negative (ie: the "patriarchal") equal to the subjugation of women that so many women have fought against for the past hundred years?  I am not saying that this is what is being done right now, but when the pendulum swings fully to the other side, then I guarantee that this is exactly what will happen.  Sex needs to be removed from this conversation in my opinion. 

If we continue to define certain actions- seen as positive or negative- by sexual gender terms, then we are perpetuating a system of division and duality.  This is not about BEing "Masculine" or "Feminine", it is about Balance, and the equilibrium of equal and equality that has nothing to do with whether you have a vagina or a penis. 

Taking sex out of the equation and removing the gender stereotypical words from our vocabulary might be the biggest step forward to a new consciousness that is not bound by separation, duality, or division.

I AM.... ONE.

ONE is not Feminine OR masculine.  ONE is BOTH.