Tuesday, 28 April 2015

One People Roundtable Discussion: Brandley Loves and Mel Ve

Tonight on the One People's Roundtable Discussion Lisa, Brian and I will be welcoming back Bradley Loves, and Mel Ve.

To start the show off, we will be picking up where we left off two weeks ago when we had an amazing discussion with Brad on a wide range of topics.  Brad and I have been trying to get together to chat about our latest rabbit hole trips and dot connecting expeditions, but haven't been able to connect, so I suspect that tonight will feature a whole lot of new data and information.

To check out Brad's latest articles, please visit his site:

Later in the Show, we will be welcoming Mel Ve to join us  to discuss the Mass Media Madness and the insanity of the lies and rhetoric of the talking heads.

.... I can guarantee it will definitely be a fast flying show tonight!

So please join us on the One People Roundtable Discussion on CCN, tonight at 11pm England/Morocco time- 6pm EDT

If you are on dialup or have limited bandwidth, you can watch the show on the CCN viewers either on:   or right here on RTS.


Monday, 27 April 2015

CIA arrested on Mexican border with 1300lbs of Cocaine!!

Here's a Giggle for your Monday Morning!!

love d

Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican Border with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine

April 23rd, 2015 | by Barbara Johnson
Two CIA Agents Arrested by Minutemen while Crossing Mexican Border with 1300 Pounds of Cocaine

El Paso| A group of minutemen watching the Mexican Border for illegal migrants and drug traffickers, have proceeded to the citizen arrest of two men in an SUV, carrying 1300 pounds of cocaine. The volunteers were completely astonished when the two arrestees pulled out CIA ID cards and explained they were actually carrying the drug as part of their duties and that the cargo belonged to the Central Intelligence Agency.

The incident took place last night, in the Chihuahuan desert, near the Texan city of El Paso. A group of seven minutemen saw a large black SUV drive rapidly across the border. They chased the vehicle in their own trucks and achieved to immobilize it after a chase of more than 15 miles.
The vigilantes arrested the two men on board and called the border patrol, who proceeded to search the vehicle. They discovered dozens of packages of cocaine, totalling an incredible 618.4 kilograms (1363 pounds).
The search of the vehicle revealed 36 packages of cocaine, all marked with the symbol of the Sinaloa Cartel, representing a black scorpion.
The two men claim to be CIA operatives based in Mexico and explained that the drug was actually part of an operation of the agency. They presented identity cards that seem to validate their claim, but the CIA spokesperson, Dean Boyd, has officially denied any link between the organization and the two men.

“The CIA doesn’t take part in drug smuggling operations at the US-Mexican border” said M. Boyd. “I do not know, for now, if the men are actually affiliated to the agency in any way, but I can tell you the cocaine doesn’t belong to the CIA.”

Both the border patrol officers and minutemen seem unconvinced, however, and many of them seem to believe that the secret service agency is hiding something. The U.S. custom services have even announced a thorough investigation to try and verify the two men’s story.

“Both of them had valid accreditations and a receipt for their cargo” says Shawn Francis Miller, spokesman of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the El Paso sector. “What drug dealer in his right mind, demands a receipt for 1300 pounds of cocaine? There is really something strange about these guys, and we believe the CIA possibly knows more than what it is ready to admit.” 

The custom services have confirmed that the two men, who can’t be identified due to the Intelligence Identities and Protection Act of 1982, did carry valid CIA identifications and that the vehicle was indeed registered as a service vehicle of the organization.
The two men remain under the custody of the custom services at the moment, and are still being interrogated in a facility near El Paso. They are facing charges of possessing, trafficking and importing illegal drugs, and could face other criminal charges once the investigation is over.
Both the FBI and the DEA have announced that they would collaborate with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on this case, which as already attracted a lot of attention in Southern Texas.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Face to Face w' Sacha Stone, D and Thomas Brown: The CERN Question

Here is the Video Archive of Wednesday nights show "Face to Face with Sacha Stone".   On Wednesday night Sacha asked me to join him and Scientist Thomas Brown to dig deep into the CERN questions:  What IS CERN?  What are they really using it for?  and Are the Scientists within CERN actually aware of the ramifications of the "experiments" that are going on?

I spent a good portion of the show sitting in the dark as we had a power black out here on a large portion of the north coast of Morocco, lol. 

This was a really interesting show to be a part of.   While we opened the door to many questions and theories, it was very apparent that this discussion was just the first of many to come, as the subject matter is VAST and 2 hours is barely enough to scratch the surface of the question of CERN.


Roundtable Discussion with Duncan O'Finioan- Video Archive

For everyone who has been waiting (impatiently, lol) for it, here is the Archive video of Tuesday night's One People Roundtable Discussion.

On Tuesday evening, Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly and I sat down with Duncan O'Finioan, from the CCN show "Shoot from the Hip".   We dug deep into several pretty hard core topics- from reviewing my trek of the Yemen rabbit hole, to the Ark of the Covenant- what it is, what it does and why they may be trying to grab it- to the bigger question of CERN.  

Duncan brought a very interesting perspective to the table, based on his own personal experiences which are Vast and jaw dropping in and of themselves!

Transpicuous News Midweek report- April 22: Video archive

Good morning everyone.

Here is the Video archive from this weeks Transpicuous News Midweek Report from April22, 2015.  As usual, all the Links to go with the show are below.


This weeks News Links:

Permission Denied: Journalist barred from "Friendly Fire" Investigation- Canadians take note!

Chomsky: 'International law cannot be enforced against great powers’ FULL INTERVIEW

6 men arrested in Minnesota worked for almost year to join ISIS - US attorney

‘We're not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia

​Merkel says free trade zone with Russia possible

Dying CIA Agent Claims He Assassinated Marilyn Monroe

​Co-op unable to commit to Fairtrade goods, blames economy

​Japan plans moon mission in three years

CEO Slashes $1 Million Salary To Give Lowest-Paid Workers A Raise

Two held over Med migrant deaths

Family speaks about ferry fire terror

Fire breaks out at British embassy in The Hague, police detain man on suspicion of involvement

Greece requires public sector entities to transfer cash balances to central bank

Japan maglev train breaks world speed record again

Yemen conflict: Saudi Arabia ends air campaign

Saudi Air Strikes against Yemen Continue

Afghanistan's Taliban, ISIL Declare Jihad against Each Other

 French police say imminent terror attack in Paris foiled

 Uber driver, licensed to carry gun, shoots gunman in Logan Square

 The Mystery of China’s Gold Stash May Soon Be Solved

Rage Against the Machine: Colorado man empties gun into his computer in alley

Nessie view: Google takes up search for Loch Ness Monster

​First Chinese state-owned company announces bond default

British man held over £500bn Wall Street 'flash crash'

170 reported dead in two weeks of fighting in Marib

'Tiny hearts': What the UK has been told about Australia's asylum seeker policy

FBI can’t cut Internet and pose as cable guy to search property, judge says

Bachmann: Obama's Policies on Gays and Iran to Bring on Rapture

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Awesomest Dean Clifford Rant EVER!!!

This is the most awesomest Dean Clifford Rant EVER!!!  ...... Not for the faint of heart, lol!

You can watch Dean Clifford, LIVE Stream on CCN every Monday night

For more information on Dean Clifford, please check out


logo dean

Since November 24, 2013, the flesh and blood living man commonly known as Dean Christopher Clifford, had been unlawfully kidnapped and forcibly confined against his will and tortured by Agents and/or Officers and/or Employees of a foreign entity and usurper of our land called HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA in a certain contrivance.
Their accomplices and co-conspirators include directors, officers and agents and employees of: CANADA INC et all, HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF THE PROVINCE OF MANITOBA, the RCMP, certain members of THE PARLIAMENT OF CANADA, THE PROVINCE OF MANITOBA and the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, THE GOVERNOR GENERAL’S OFFICE et all, certain members of the BAR, THE PRIVY COUNCIL et all, and many other ‘actors’ both foreign and domestic.
Their acts are steeped in depravity, and will be recorded in history as such. All simply for Dean daring to teach the men and women of this land their natural rights, and for the audacity to have a mind to restore real law, order and justice to this land we love and call our home.
Your Birth Right has been usurped. With God’s will, you may learn who you are and how to claim what was given to you…. Since Dean’s release, he has gone on to share some amazing insight, and has claimed his place on the newly launched Alternative Media Livestreaming Channel, Conscious Consumer Network. Join Dean every Monday evening from 11pm London /5pm Manitoba, and join us for this amazing journey into the discovery of self, rights and justice, from the very beginning, on Dean’s show, THE BEGINNING IS HERE.

Transpicuous News: Sunday's Video and What's on Deck for Tonight!

Good morning everyone!

Here is the Video archive of Sunday nights Transpicuous News Weekend report on April 19, 2015, and of course, all the links to go along with Sunday nights Show.

Tonight is the Transpicuous News Midweek Report, LIVE stream at 11pm London/Morocco time, 6pm EDT, on CCN- You can watch the report live HERE:

If you have slow internet or limited bandwidth, you can watch the live stream here on RTS on the right side CCN screen.

I am going to be a busy bee tonight as right before Transpicuous News, I will be on Face to Face with Sacha Stone at 9pm London/Morocco Time, to discuss CERN: 

"CERN Ushering in Astral Pandemonium?"

I will be joining Sacha, along with Physicist Thomas J Brown, to dig into the CERN question of what the hell are they doing?!

After last nights Incredible show on the Roundtable Discussion with Duncan O'Finioan, tonight will be yet another VERY interesting conversation that will no doubt dig very deeply into the esoteric and "astral" questions of what the Cause and Effect of CERN is, and the physical and energetic ramifications of these actions.

Full Steam ahead my friends!!!  This is the moment of bringing everything into the open, and shining a flood light into the dark corners of what "they" try to keep hidden from humanity.


News Links for Weekend Report: April 19

Are You Scared Now? Congress Declares US Is Losing Media War With Russia

Read more:

U.S. Treasury's Lew says will press trading partners on exchange rates

The U.N. Envoy to Yemen Has Quit

India Won’t Suppress Tewari’s Free Energy Generator

Soap power: Handwash chemical linked to cancer

Italian Paper Breaks Silence Over Assassinations in Kiev

Read more:

Bloomberg screens go dark worldwide

US should write laws of global economy, not China - Obama

BRICS Development Bank won’t rival China-led AIIB, but complement – CBR head

Crash and burn: Mercury probe to end mission with planetary collision

US lawmakers agree to fast-track secretive international trade deals

Leaked TPP investment chapter: Corporations can sue states in private courts

Everybody’s been stung!’ Millions of bees released after Seattle highway crash (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

​Most dangerous Islamic State leaders come from Scandinavia - Syrian President Assad

Hundreds feared dead as migrants’ boat capsizes off Libya

North Pole-2015: Russia launches drifting Arctic station

Contraceptive pills ‘shrink’ part of brain influencing emotions - study

​EU poised to let in new GM products, introduce non-health opt-outs

Mystery disease which kills within 24 hours leaves 18 dead in Nigeria

Saudi Fighters Hit Friendly Target in Military Drills near Yemen's Border, Scores Injured
Source: Yemen Under Saudi Chemical Attacks

Wave Of Protests Against TTIP, CETA, TISA

The Greek "White Knight" Emerges: Putin To Give Athens €5 Billion For Advance Gas Pipeline Fees

HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

Fly In A ‘Star Wars’ Plane: Airplane Painted To Look Like R2-D2 Commissioned By All Nippon Airways

$45 Billion in Tax Dollars Goes Missing in Afghanistan

Eric Holder’s list of citizens banned from gun ownership mostly hurts veterans

 Brain-Damaged Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine Win $63 Million Lawsuit

Read more:
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Canadian Wheat Board to be sold to Saudi-owned Global Grain Group

4/18/2015 — Texas Legislators want to PROHIBIT citizens from being able to ban fracking ! Banning BANS!