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Friday, 9 October 2015

Before and After: A Picture of Opposites

As history is changed on a daily basis, and propaganda seems to wipe clean peoples memories when it comes to the past, sometimes we need to really look at what is being rewritten, and WHY.

Back in 2011 the famous magazine, Vogue, did a huge article about the First Lady of Syria: Asma Al-Assad, calling her the "Lady Diana of the Middle East".  When it became clear that the articles glowing tribute to the first family of Syria was NOT going to work with the propaganda that was being spun by the US and UK to destroy Al Assad, Vogue was forced to remove the article.

I've posted the entire article below... just in case it too, suddenly disappears.

This article is a vital piece of "history", if you will, a reminder of how Syria was viewed BEFORE the US began it's deliberate and destructive propaganda machine against Assad. I would like you to compare this article from Vogue in 2011, to the article published in The Guardian in 2012- AFTER the propaganda to destroy the "Assad Regime" was pushed out across the Main Stream Media. 

I have put the Guardian article right below the Vogue article.

The Main Stream Media are the perpetrators of the Lies & Propaganda of the Government Controllers.  The Fact remains that while Assad isn't "innocent"- and like all other world leaders is definitely part of the problem that we, the people of the world, face- he is not the "Evil" that he is painted by the US.  The Template is one that the US has used over and over again, openly and even admittedly.  The "Confessions of an Economic Hitman", outlines this template very very clearly.

... When the US government FULLY admits that the CIA was used to overthrow the Iranian Government in 1953, you HAVE to look at the Template they used then, and CONTINUE to use to this very day.

.... "Arab Spring" in Syria was a carbon copy of what done in Iran in 1953.  Anyone who can't see this, should definitely take a second look at the fluoride and Lithium intake. 

... Just sayin'.

Now cross reference this with what we know about the Saudi Royal family and the history of Wahhabism- who started it, who controls it and what the agenda is....

... and who is controlling the vast majority of US Congress.


The Only Remaining Online Copy of Vogue's Asma al-Assad Profile

In February, Vogue magazine published, for the benefit of its 11.7 million readers, an article titled "A Rose in the Desert" about the first lady of Syria. Asma al-Assad has British roots, wears designer fashion, worked for years in banking, and is married to the dictator Bashar al-Assad, whose regime has killed over 5,000 civilians and hundreds of children this year. The glowing article praised the Assads as a "wildly democratic" family-focused couple who vacation in Europe, foster Christianity, are at ease with American celebrities, made theirs the "safest country in the Middle East," and want to give Syria a "brand essence."

Vogue's editors defended the controversial article as "a way of opening a window into this world a little bit," conceding only that Assad's Syria is "not as secular as we might like." A senior editor responsible for the story told me the magazine stood by it. A few weeks later, the article and all references to it were removed from Vogue's website without explanation. In August, The Hill reported that U.S. lobbying firm Brown Lloyd James had been paid $5,000 per month by the Syrian government to arrange for and manage the Vogue article.

Read entire article here: 

A Rose in the Desert: Asma Al-Assad, Lady Diana of the Middle East

© James Nachtwey
Asma al-Assad is glamorous, young, and very chic - the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies. Her style is not the couture-and-bling dazzle of Middle Eastern power but a deliberate lack of adornment. She's a rare combination: a thin, long-limbed beauty with a trained analytic mind who dresses with cunning understatement. Paris Match calls her "the element of light in a country full of shadow zones." She is the first lady of Syria.

Syria is known as the safest country in the Middle East, possibly because, as the State Department's Web site says, "the Syrian government conducts intense physical and electronic surveillance of both Syrian citizens and foreign visitors." It's a secular country where women earn as much as men and the Muslim veil is forbidden in universities, a place without bombings, unrest, or kidnappings, but its shadow zones are deep and dark. Asma's husband, Bashar al-Assad, was elected president in 2000, after the death of his father, Hafez al-Assad, with a startling 97 percent of the vote. In Syria, power is hereditary. The country's alliances are murky. How close are they to Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah? There are souvenir Hezbollah ashtrays in the souk, and you can spot the Hamas leadership racing through the bar of the Four Seasons. Its number-one enmity is clear: Israel. But that might not always be the case. The United States has just posted its first ambassador there since 2005, Robert Ford.

Iraq is next door, Iran not far away. Lebanon's capital, Beirut, is 90 minutes by car from Damascus. Jordan is south, and next to it the region that Syrian maps label Palestine. There are nearly one million refugees from Iraq in Syria, and another half-million displaced Palestinians.

"It's a tough neighborhood," admits Asma al-Assad.

It's also a neighborhood intoxicatingly close to the dawn of civilization, where agriculture began some 10,000 years ago, where the wheel, writing, and musical notation were invented. Out in the desert are the magical remains of Palmyra, Apamea, and Ebla. In the National Museum you see small 4,000-year-old panels inlaid with mother-of-pearl that is echoed in the new mother-of-pearl furniture for sale in the souk. Christian Louboutin comes to buy the damask silk brocade they've been making here since the Middle Ages for his shoes and bags, and has incidentally purchased a small palace in Aleppo, which, like Damascus, has been inhabited for more than 5,000 years.

The first lady works out of a small white building in a hilly, modern residential neighborhood called Muhajireen, where houses and apartments are crammed together and neighbors peer and wave from balconies. The first impression of Asma al-Assad is movement - a determined swath cut through space with a flash of red soles. Dark-brown eyes, wavy chin-length brown hair, long neck, an energetic grace. No watch, no jewelry apart from Chanel agates around her neck, not even a wedding ring, but fingernails lacquered a dark blue-green. She's breezy, conspiratorial, and fun. Her accent is English but not plummy. Despite what must be a killer IQ, she sometimes uses urban shorthand: "I was, like. . . ."

Asma Akhras was born in London in 1975, the eldest child and only daughter of a Syrian Harley Street cardiologist and his diplomat wife, both Sunni Muslims. They spoke Arabic at home. She grew up in Ealing, went to Queen's College, and spent holidays with family in Syria. "I've dealt with the sense that people don't expect Syria to be normal. I'd show my London friends my holiday snaps and they'd be - 'Where did you say you went?'"
© James Nachtwey
She studied computer science at university, then went into banking. "It wasn't a typical path for women," she says, "but I had it all mapped out." By the spring of 2000, she was closing a big biotech deal at JP Morgan in London and about to take up an MBA at Harvard. She started dating a family friend: the second son of president Hafez al-Assad, Bashar, who'd cut short his ophthalmology studies in London in 1994 and returned to Syria after his older brother, Basil, heir apparent to power, died in a car crash. They had known each other forever, but a ten-year age difference meant that nothing registered - until it did.

"I was always very serious at work, and suddenly I started to take weekends, or disappear, and people just couldn't figure it out," explains the first lady. "What do you say - 'I'm dating the son of a president'? You just don't say that. Then he became president, so I tried to keep it low-key. Suddenly I was turning up in Syria every month, saying, 'Granny, I miss you so much!' I quit in October because by then we knew that we were going to get married at some stage. I couldn't say why I was leaving. My boss thought I was having a nervous breakdown because nobody quits two months before bonus after closing a really big deal. He wouldn't accept my resignation. I was, like, 'Please, really, I just want to get out, I've had enough,' and he was 'Don't worry, take time off, it happens to the best of us.'" She left without her bonus in November and married Bashar al-Assad in December.
"What I've been able to take away from banking was the transferable skills - the analytical thinking, understanding the business side of running a company - to run an NGO or to try and oversee a project." She runs her office like a business, chairs meeting after meeting, starts work many days at six, never breaks for lunch, and runs home to her children at four. "It's my time with them, and I get them fresh, unedited - I love that. I really do." Her staff are used to eating when they can. "I have a rechargeable battery," she says.

The 35-year-old first lady's central mission is to change the mind-set of six million Syrians under eighteen, encourage them to engage in what she calls 'active citizenship'. "It's about everyone taking shared responsibility in moving this country forward, about empowerment in a civil society. We all have a stake in this country; it will be what we make it."
In 2005 she founded Massar, built around a series of discovery centers where children and young adults from five to 21 engage in creative, informal approaches to civic responsibility. Massar's mobile Green Team has touched 200,000 kids across Syria since 2005. The organization is privately funded through donations. The Syria Trust for Development, formed in 2007, oversees Massar as well as her first NGO, the rural micro-credit association FIRDOS, and SHABAB, which exists to give young people business skills they need for the future.

And then there's her cultural mission: "People tend to see Syria as artifacts and history," she says. "For us it's about the accumulation of cultures, traditions, values, customs. It's the difference between hardware and software: the artifacts are the hardware, but the software makes all the difference - the customs and the spirit of openness. We have to make sure that we don't lose that. . . . " Here she gives an apologetic grin. "You have to excuse me, but I'm a banker - that brand essence."

That brand essence includes the distant past. There are 500,000 important ancient works of art hidden in storage; Asma al-Assad has brought in the Louvre to create a network of museums and cultural attractions across Syria, and asked Italian experts to help create a database of the 5,000 archaeological sites in the desert. "Culture," she says, "is like a financial asset. We have an abundance of it, thousands of years of history, but we can't afford to be complacent."

In December, Asma al-Assad was in Paris to discuss her alliance with the Louvre. She dazzled a tough French audience at the International Diplomatic Institute, speaking without notes. "I'm not trying to disguise culture as anything more than it is," she said, "and if I sound like I'm talking politics, it's because we live in a politicized region, a politicized time, and we are affected by that."

The French ambassador to Syria, Eric Chevallier, was there: "She managed to get people to consider the possibilities of a country that's modernizing itself, that stands for a tolerant secularism in a powder-keg region, with extremists and radicals pushing in from all sides - and the driving force for that rests largely on the shoulders of one couple. I hope they'll make the right choices for their country and the region. "
Damascus evokes a dusty version of a Mediterranean hill town in an Eastern-bloc country. The courtyard of the Umayyad Mosque at night looks exactly like St. Mark's square in Venice. When I first arrive, I'm met on the tarmac by a minder, who gives me a bouquet of white roses and lends me a Syrian cell phone; the head minder, a high-profile American PR, joins us the next day. The first lady's office has provided drivers, so I shop and see sights in a bubble of comfort and hospitality. On the rare occasions I am out alone, a random series of men in leather jackets seems to be keeping close tabs on what I am doing and where I am headed.

"I like things I can touch. I like to get out and meet people and do things," the first lady says as we set off for a meeting in a museum and a visit to an orphanage. "As a banker, you have to be so focused on the job at hand that you lose the experience of the world around you. My husband gave me back something I had lost."
She slips behind the wheel of a plain SUV, a walkie-talkie and her cell thrown between the front seats and a Syrian-silk Louboutin tote on top. She does what the locals do - swerves to avoid crazy men who run across busy freeways, misses her turn, checks your seat belt, points out sights, and then can't find a parking space. When a traffic cop pulls her over at a roundabout, she lowers the tinted window and dips her head with a playful smile. The cop's eyes go from slits to saucers.

Her younger brother Feras, a surgeon who moved to Syria to start a private health-care group, says, "Her intelligence is both intellectual and emotional, and she's a master at harmonizing when, and how much, to use of each one."
In the Saint Paul orphanage, maintained by the Melkite - Greek Catholic patriarchate and run by the Basilian sisters of Aleppo, Asma sits at a long table with the children. Two little boys in new glasses and thick sweaters are called Yussuf. She asks them what kind of music they like. "Sad music," says one. In the room where she's had some twelve computers installed, the first lady tells a nun, "I hope you're letting the younger children in here go crazy on the computers." The nun winces: "The children are afraid to learn in case they don't have access to computers when they leave here," she says.

In the courtyard by the wall down which Saint Paul escaped in a basket 2,000 years ago, an old tree bears gigantic yellow fruit I have never seen before. Citrons. C├ędrats in French.
Back in the car, I ask what religion the orphans are. "It's not relevant," says Asma al-Assad. "Let me try to explain it to you. That church is a part of my heritage because it's a Syrian church. The Umayyad Mosque is the third-most-important holy Muslim site, but within the mosque is the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. We all kneel in the mosque in front of the tomb of Saint John the Baptist. That's how religions live together in Syria - a way that I have never seen anywhere else in the world. We live side by side, and have historically. All the religions and cultures that have passed through these lands - the Armenians, Islam, Christianity, the Umayyads, the Ottomans - make up who I am."

"Does that include the Jews?" I ask.

"And the Jews," she answers. "There is a very big Jewish quarter in old Damascus."

The Jewish quarter of Damascus spans a few abandoned blocks in the old city that emptied out in 1992, when most of the Syrian Jews left. Their houses are sealed up and have not been touched, because, as people like to tell you, Syrians don't touch the property of others. The broken glass and sagging upper floors tell a story you don't understand - are the owners coming back to claim them one day?

The presidential family lives surrounded by neighbors in a modern apartment in Malki. On Friday, the Muslim day of rest, Asma al-Assad opens the door herself in jeans and old suede stiletto boots, hair in a ponytail, the word happiness spelled out across the back of her T-shirt. At the bottom of the stairs stands the off-duty president in jeans - tall, long-necked, blue-eyed. A precise man who takes photographs and talks lovingly about his first computer, he says he was attracted to studying eye surgery "because it's very precise, it's almost never an emergency, and there is very little blood."

The old al-Assad family apartment was remade into a child-friendly triple-decker playroom loft surrounded by immense windows on three sides. With neither shades nor curtains, it's a fishbowl. Asma al-Assad likes to say, "You're safe because you are surrounded by people who will keep you safe." Neighbors peer in, drop by, visit, comment on the furniture. The president doesn't mind: "This curiosity is good: They come to see you, they learn more about you. You don't isolate yourself."

There's a decorated Christmas tree. Seven-year-old Zein watches Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland on the president's iMac; her brother Karim, six, builds a shark out of Legos; and nine-year-old Hafez tries out his new electric violin. All three go to a Montessori school.

Asma al-Assad empties a box of fondue mix into a saucepan for lunch. The household is run on wildly democratic principles. "We all vote on what we want, and where," she says. The chandelier over the dining table is made of cut-up comic books. "They outvoted us three to two on that."

A grid is drawn on a blackboard, with ticks for each member of the family. "We were having trouble with politeness, so we made a chart: ticks for when they spoke as they should, and a cross if they didn't." There's a cross next to Asma's name. "I shouted," she confesses. "I can't talk about empowering young people, encouraging them to be creative and take responsibility, if I'm not like that with my own children."

"The first challenge for us was, Who's going to define our lives, us or the position?" says the president. "We wanted to live our identity honestly."
They announced their marriage in January 2001, after the ceremony, which they kept private. There was deliberately no photograph of Asma. "The British media picked that up as: Now she's moved into the presidential palace, never to be seen again!" says Asma, laughing.

They had a reason: "She spent three months incognito," says the president. "Before I had any official engagement," says the first lady, "I went to 300 villages, every governorate, hospitals, farms, schools, factories, you name it - I saw everything to find out where I could be effective. A lot of the time I was somebody's 'assistant' carrying the bag, doing this and that, taking notes. Nobody asked me if I was the first lady; they had no idea."

"That way," adds the president, "she started her NGO before she was ever seen in public as my wife. Then she started to teach people that an NGO is not a charity."

Neither of them believes in charity for the sake of charity. "We have the Iraqi refugees," says the president. "Everybody is talking about it as a political problem or as welfare, charity. I say it's neither - it's about cultural philosophy. We have to help them. That's why the first thing I did is to allow the Iraqis to go into schools. If they don't have an education, they will go back as a bomb, in every way: terrorism, extremism, drug dealers, crime. If I have a secular and balanced neighbor, I will be safe."

When Angelina Jolie came with Brad Pitt for the United Nations in 2009, she was impressed by the first lady's efforts to encourage empowerment among Iraqi and Palestinian refugees but alarmed by the Assads' idea of safety.

"My husband was driving us all to lunch," says Asma al-Assad, "and out of the corner of my eye I could see Brad Pitt was fidgeting. I turned around and asked, 'Is anything wrong?' "

"Where's your security?" asked Pitt.

"So I started teasing him - 'See that old woman on the street? That's one of them! And that old guy crossing the road? That's the other one!'"

They both laugh.

The president joins in the punch line: "Brad Pitt wanted to send his security guards here to come and get some training!"

After lunch, Asma al-Assad drives to the airport, where a Falcon 900 is waiting to take her to Massar in Latakia, on the coast. When she lands, she jumps behind the wheel of another SUV waiting on the tarmac. This is the kind of surprise visit she specializes in, but she has no idea how many kids will turn up at the community center on a rainy Friday.

As it turns out, it's full. Since the first musical notation was discovered nearby, at Ugarit, the immaculate Massar center in Latakia is built around music. Local kids are jamming in a sound booth; a group of refugee Palestinian girls is playing instruments. Others play chess on wall-mounted computers. These kids have started online blood banks, run marathons to raise money for dialysis machines, and are working on ways to rid Latakia of plastic bags. Apart from a few girls in scarves, you can't tell Muslims from Christians.

Asma al-Assad stands to watch a laborious debate about how - and whether - to standardize the Arabic spelling of the word Syria. Then she throws out a curve ball. "I've been advised that we have to close down this center so as to open another one somewhere else," she says. Kids' mouths drop open. Some repress tears. Others are furious. One boy chooses altruism: "That's OK. We know how to do it now; we'll help them."

Then the first lady announces, "That wasn't true. I just wanted to see how much you care about Massar."

As the pilot expertly avoids sheet lightning above the snow-flecked desert on the way back, she explains, "There was a little bit of formality in what they were saying to me; it wasn't real. Tricks like this help - they became alive, they became passionate. We need to get past formalities if we are going to get anything done."

Two nights later it's the annual Christmas concert by the children of Al-Farah Choir, run by the Syrian Catholic Father Elias Zahlawi. Just before it begins, Bashar and Asma al-Assad slip down the aisle and take the two empty seats in the front row. People clap, and some call out his nickname:

"Docteur! Docteur!"

Two hundred children dressed variously as elves, reindeers, or candy canes share the stage with members of the national orchestra, who are done up as elves. The show becomes a full-on songfest, with the elves and reindeer and candy canes giving their all to "Hallelujah" and "Joy to the World." The carols slide into a more serpentine rhythm, an Arabic rap group takes over, and then it's back to Broadway mode. The president whispers, "All of these styles belong to our culture. This is how you fight extremism - through art."

Brass bells are handed out. Now we're all singing "Jingle Bell Rock," 1,331 audience members shaking their bells, singing, crying, and laughing.

"This is the diversity you want to see in the Middle East," says the president, ringing his bell. "This is how you can have peace!"

Comment: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Al-Assads must go and why Syria must be razed to the ground.

Vogue, incidentally, removed this article from their website and issued an 'apology' for publishing something contrary to the propaganda dictates of the brutish oligarchs ruling the Western Empire.

How Syria's 'desert rose' became 'the first lady of hell'

Spot the difference in these two pieces about the wife of the Syrian president, Bashar Hafez al-Assad:
"Asma al-Assad is a glamorous, young, and very chic - the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies. Her style is not the couture-and-bling dazzle of Middle Eastern power but a deliberate lack of adornment. She's a rare combination: a thin, long-limbed beauty with a trained analytic mind who dresses with cunning understatement... She's breezy, conspiratorial, and fun."
Asma al-Assad is "a good-looking woman of 35... as brisk as a prefect, as on-message as a banker, as friendly as a new acquaintance at a friend's cocktail party... like the kind of young Englishwoman you'd hear having lunch at the next table at Harvey Nichols... the first lady of hell."
The first quote was from a Vogue article in March 2011 headlined "A rose in the desert." The second from a Newsweek/Daily Beast article on Monday headlined: "Mrs Assad duped me." The writer in both cases was Joan Juliet Buck, an experienced fashion journalist and one-time editor-in-chief of French Vogue.
Her first article, published as Syria's government started to attack citizens, was met with a wave of criticism. Both Buck and Vogue's editor, Anna Wintour, were accused of taking part in a public relations campaign on behalf of the Syrian regime.
Within a month or so, the article was removed from the magazine's website. Almost a year later Wintour broke her silence on the matter to explain that "we were hopeful that the Assad regime would be open to a more progressive society" but "as the terrible events of the past year and a half unfolded in Syria, it became clear that its priorities and values were completely at odds with those of Vogue."
Buck's contract with Vogue was not renewed and that's when she decided to offer an a 5,000-word explanation for her original sin.
It suggests that she was the victim of of manipulation from beginning to end. She initially rejected the assignment; claimed she didn't know she was going to meet a murderer; and was taken in by Asma al-Assad's glossy presentation of herself as a cosy, modern, relaxed person.
But Styleite writer, Hilary George-Parkin, is not impressed with Buck's mea culpa. She writes:
"It is not hard to imagine this kind charade fooling a rookie journalist. But, of course, that is hardly what Buck was at the time. She goes on, however, to reveal further manipulation by those surrounding the Assads, including a hacked computer, carefully-monitored cell phone given to her at the start of her trip, and leaked emails between PR reps discussing the need to conceal any potentially damaging information. None of these points were mentioned in the profile... raving about Asma al-Assad's elegant wardrobe, posh stature, and democratic parenting style."
And Homa Khaleeli, writing in a Guardian blog, was also contemptuous of Buck's attempt at exculpation: "The mea culpa is almost as disastrous as the initial interview", she writes.
"It's hard to tell if Buck asked Asma – or Bashar whom she also met – any real questions at all. Certainly not why anyone would marry a man whose father slaughtered 20,000 people in three weeks... She did not ask why her phone and computer were bugged, or even why she had spotted something that looks like a mobile prison in the souk."
Khaleeli continues: "To be fair to Buck she does explain that she had not wanted to meet the Assads, but Vogue told her they wanted no focus on politics at all... It seems clear that Vogue is equally to blame for the controversy."

From The Guardian here:

Thursday, 8 October 2015

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We have seen an explosion of truly FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, and thus the need to create an ethical LIVE BROADCAST NETWORK that facilitated these brave and tireless souls, became apparent.

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CCN does not claim ownership over any of the material we produce and broadcast, as we believe that information is the common heritage of all beings. And thus, CCN belongs to you, the public, and it is up to you all to keep CCN going. We are reaching out to the truth and freedom seeking community to assist us in creating the funding to see CCN move forward into 2016.

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Oct 8 2015: Solar and CERN update

Good mornin' Darlins!!!

Solar Update- we still as being told there is zero flare activity right now- not even a C class flare in the past 4 days. But the Geomagnetic storm has increased, kp7 and is now a G3 "Strong" Geomagnetic Storm as of last night. there was also a filament that ripped off- SO said that it's not going to be geoeffective, but I disagree.  We still have two major coronal holes directly facing earth and the solar wind speeds are still high..... I strongly suspect that you may want to keep something for headaches on hand today, be careful driving, and expect some fuckupery from your wireless gadgets, lol.

I'm glad that the SDO pics seems to be back up... not that I entirely trust them,lol....

As for CERN.... well it looks like they lost beam 1 last night just before 20:00 then their injected again around 0400 this morning and dumped again within a few minutes.... the grphs are showing a couple of energy spikes that I associate with them about to inject beams.... but no injection. Interesting..... and on the Dash they are showing a weird spike in beam 2... but there is no indication that there were any beams running at the time. hmmmmmm.....

Solar/Cern Update Notes from yesterday:

So darlin's- we are under a pretty good sized geomagnetic storm right now- have been since last night- KP6. absolutely NO solar flare activity at all!!! I mean NONE- we had an M1.2 on the 4th... and literally everything stopped- not even a C class flare since then. We also have MASSIVE coronal holes- approx 50% of the upper quadrant is a giant coronal hole, and there is quite a pick up in the solar wind speeds since last night. Interestingly enough, EVERY SDO filter shot of the sun right now is FUCKED- either missing entirely, or just a mess.... Very Interesting......

CERN has been running on high- the last run just dumped a little more than an hour ago- they ran on high power- 6.5 TeV for just slightly short of 24 hours- at over 1600 bunches.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

One People's Roundtable Discussion- Video Oct 5th

Dosed Chemtrails: Have you had your Lithium Today?

I reported on "Lithium dosing" experiments back in March 2015 on Transpicuous News- and I said that this is NOTICE.    And here we are 6 months later with reports of Lithium being used in Chemtrails- not just in Oregon either..... I can guarantee that this new chemtrail cocktail is being use all over the place. 

Interestingly enough, the two original articles that I used in the TN report I can no longer access:

Scientists suggest government should add psych meds to public drinking water

Lithium: Suppressing "Manic-Depressive" Overwhelm
and The Dangers of this Toxic Heavy Metal Substance

In a Nutshell:  Lithium is a mind numbing drug that literally makes people not give a shit about anything.  Your house could be burning down around you, and you wouldn't even care....

....Sound familiar?  Kind of like society as a whole right now?

Lithium isn't a drug that prescribed willynilly..... So why is it in our sky and water?

People who follow their lithium regime religiously are, in general, not likely to be the people who are chaotic, impulsive, desperate and most likely to commit suicide. In fact, one study showed just this. People who were highly compliant with lithium had a five times lower risk of suicidal acts than those who were judged to be ‘poorly adherent’ with it. Secondly, because even small overdoses of lithium can produce dangerously toxic blood levels, people who are thought to be at a high risk of committing suicide are usually not prescribed it. If they are, it is with a strong warning about the toxicity of the drug, and close monitoring by mental health service staff – both of which may, in themselves, help to stabilise someone regardless of the lithium.
More recent cohort studies showing reduced suicide and mortality in people on lithium are likely to be what we call ‘confounded’ by these same issues. People who show suicidal tendencies are less likely to be given lithium and the same applies to people with medical conditions. Not only does lithium cause direct damage to organs like the kidneys and thyroid, it interacts with many drugs commonly prescribed for physical health problems. These interactions can lead to dangerously raised lithium levels. Hence any decent clinician is naturally cautious about starting lithium in anyone who is physically sick or taking other sorts of medication.

I have found this report on Natural News that was based on the original article out of Scotland:

Scientists suggest government should add psych meds to public drinking water

(NaturalNews) With a study currently underway in Scotland to assess whether lithium in drinking water is linked with lower suicide rates, we may soon see a renewed push to add yet another bioactive substance to public water supplies.

In 2009, researchers from Oita University in Japan released the results of a study finding that regions of the country with higher naturally occurring levels of lithium in the water had lower levels of suicide than regions with less lithium. This led to a flurry of calls for lithium to be added to public water, much as fluoride is by many municipalities.

Lithium is a naturally occurring chemical element that, at high doses, is used for the treatment of bipolar disorder and severe depression. Side effects of lithium use at these doses include hypothyroidism, weight gain and kidney failure.

The original article cited a study done in Japan, based  higher than normal amounts of lithium in one city's water.  But this isn't just Japan that has done this "study":

This week's New York Times Magazine draws attention to an article in The British Journal of Psychiatry that has been the talk of bioethical circles since May, when researchers at Japan's Oita University reported that communities with increased levels of lithium in their drinking water suffered a significantly lower incidence of suicide. The Japanese data confirmed a previous study of drinking water in Texas that found a decreased incidence of both suicide and violent crime in counties with higher-than-average amounts of naturally-occurring lithium in the water. If these protective benefits are replicated -- and no equally deleterious health effects of such low-dose exposures are discovered -- public health authorities may soon confront the question of whether it is ethical to supplement all public water supplies with lithium.
The pioneering American psychiatrist Peter Kramer, best known for his work Listening to Prozac, first raised such a possibility at a conference in Germany earlier this year. Whether such a policy is justifiable will depend upon further study of risks and benefits. What is clear is that our society may soon stand on the brink of a public health revolution in which pharmaceuticals will be added directly to the water supply in order to further the common good. ....

....Lithium may actually be the tip of the fortification iceberg. The cholesterol-lowering agents known as statins might also be good candidates for inclusion in the water supply, particularly if data confirms that they increase life-expectancy in otherwise health individuals and if those susceptible to rare side-effects -- such as muscle breakdown -- could be identified in advance. The social and economic costs of supplying free bottled water to pregnant women, young children and potential side-effect victims might prove vastly lower than those of persuading all other adults to take a daily statin pill. Similarly, fortifying water with thiamine might prevent dementia in alcoholics.

Texas eh?  And shall we discuss the horror of What "Statins" have been proven to do to human health?  Or Fluoride? 

The Fluoridation of municipal water in North America is proof that "the common good" isn't "GOOD" at all.

Enter the world of Chemtrails.  With the water supply we can drink distilled water or even bottled water.... but you can't breathe bottled air.

In late December 2014 and the first week or so of January 2015 a WHOLE lot of people noticed a distinct change in the chemtrails that were being sprayed- on many levels- and a whole lot of people seemed to get sick all at once. Everywhere.   Here in Morocco we went through a sick period in mid January that lasted for weeks and coincided with reports all over the world.  Fast forward to August of this year.....

After weeks of Chemtrail free, bright blue skies in the month of August, September greeted us with a lattice of white misty ribbons that stretched across the horizon.... for days that stretched into almost two full weeks.  And then we all got sick. All at the same time.  All with the exact same symptoms that we experienced last January.  Let's look at the symptoms of Lithium overdosing..... I've higlighted the symptoms my family and I have experiences in January and again last month:

Symptoms Lithium toxicity

After taking too much lithium you will have symptoms such as:
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pains
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
You may also have some of the following nervous system symptoms, depending on how much lithium you took:
  • Coma (decreased level of consciousness, lack of responsiveness)
  • Hand tremors
  • Incoordination of arms and legs (ataxia)
  • Muscle twitches
  • Seizures
  • Slurred speech
  • Uncontrollable eye movement (nystagmus)
Heart problems may occur in rare cases.

You will likely not have any gastrointestinal symptoms. Symptoms that may occur include:
  • Increased reflexes
  • Slurred speech
  • Tremors
In severe cases, you may also have nervous system and kidney problems such as:
  • Kidney failure
  • Memory problems
  • Movement disorders
  • Problems keeping salts in your body
  • Psychosis (thought disturbance, unpredictable behavior)
You will likely get some gastrointestinal symptoms and many of the severe nervous system symptoms listed above.

But wait!  There's more!

Systemic effects

Renal toxicity is common with chronic lithium therapy, with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus being the most severe manifestation. Lithium inhibits the action of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) on the distal renal tubule, impairing sodium and water reabsorption. Other manifestations of lithium toxicity on the kidney include renal tubular acidosis, chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis, and nephrotic syndrome.
The most common endocrine disorder secondary to chronic toxicity is hypothyroidism. Lithium is taken up avidly by thyroid cells and blocks thyroid hormone release from thyroglobulin, which inhibits adenylate cyclase and prevents thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) from activating thyroid cells via the TSH receptor. It may also affect thyroid hormone synthesis. Myxedema coma has been reported as a complication of toxicity.
Acute exposure to lithium can cause leukocytosis, whereas chronic exposure can produce aplastic anemia.
Patients who are on long-term lithium therapy can develop localized edema, dermatitis, and skin ulcers.

WHOA!!!!   Ok my friends, this is now crossing over into various areas that I have been researching for years, ie: the Endocrine System- which includes :

The major endocrine glands include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus, gastrointestinal tract and adrenal glands.

When a chemical is introduced that effects negatively the Endocrine System- that produces your body's hormones- you are talking about your entire system of health being effected.  This is no laughing matter.  This is about as serious as serious gets.

What most people don't know is that you have a secondary Endocrine System:  Your SKIN.  Your skin is a vital transport and transference system that both absorbs and excretes and transmits. Your skin absorbs EVERYTHING it comes in contact with- which is why I am continually expressing to people the importance of KNOWing what's in your skin care, soaps, detergents etc- because your skin absorbs the toxic chemicals.  Your skin also absorbs something that is vastly important:


And uses that Sunlight to produce Vitamin D.  What is Vitamin D?  Beyond what you have been told by various Health sites, there is a more important piece of the Vitamin D puzzle:   Vitamin D is a Hormone- it is the day time hormone that balances with the night time hormone: Melatonin. Which is directly linked to the Pineal Gland and the entire Endocrine system.

Skin as an Neuro-Endocrine Organ

More than ten years ago a comprehensive model of the skin acting as neuro-endocrine organ has been proposed.1 Although the concept is still evolving,17 it relies on the skin capacity to communicate with the central system and to regulate global homeostasis through local production and/or systemic release of classical hormones, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and biological regulators (Fig. 1).1 The skin is not only a classical source of vitamin D8 but also a place of synthesis and metabolism of several neuropeptides including elements of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA),1,912 and hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT),1316 axes. Skin cells also possess fully functional serotonin- and melatoninergic systems1722 and express steroidogenic activity.1,12 The presence of several neuropeptides and other biologically active compounds in the skin is due to both their local synthesis and active transport from blood or release form nerves endings or migrating immune cells.13,23 The newly synthesized neuropeptides and hormones have predominantly local activity in paracrine or autocrine fashion, but there is a growing evidence that those regulatory substances once produced by skin can diffuse to the blood or activate local nerve endings within the dermis thus they may influence central organs including brain.1,3 ...

Melatonin is a major pineal hormone with activity of a neurotransmitter, cytokine, antioxidant and global regulator of circadian clock.17,20 It synthesis is not restricted to pineal gland, but was detected in several organs including skin, retinal pigment epithelial cells, brain, Harderian gland, ciliary body, lens, retina, airway epithelium, bone marrow, thymus, immune cells, gonads, placenta, gastro-intestinal tract and skin.17,18,8284 The skin possesses fully functional biochemical machinery for melatonin synthesis....Recent studies showed importance and molecular mechanism of activity of other hormones and in regulation of skin physiology including novel vitamin D derivatives

On Monday nights One People Roundtable Discussion, Lisa and I briefly discussed the aspect of chemtrails are also a PHYSICAL barrier to the sky.  Not just blocking our view OUTWARDS, but also Blocking vital Sunlight from getting through the veil of milky white chemicals.  This is a very important aspect to understand, as right now the entire world is experiencing a massive Vitamin D deficiency problem.  Why is that?  Well beyond the continuous propaganda telling the world that Sunlight causes Cancer (it doesn't), and brainwashing people to cover their skin with toxic chemicals to block out sun exposure.... it's also because the chemtrails are blocking a massive amount of positive sunlight from reaching us.   So we have massive vitamin D deficiencies, which CAUSES skin cancer, lowers your immune system and cripples our endocrine system from producing the hormones we need in balance. Add to the physical sun screen, the addition of Aluminum to chemtrails- which causes know toxicity and is directly responsible in Alzheimers and Parkinson's .... and also over whelms yet another important brain function- Neuromelanin, which is now directly linked to both Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.  Neuromelanin is directly linked to the pineal and pituitary glands, and to Melanin and Melatonin- and hence, Vitamin D..... which again brings us right back to the Sun.

Going back to Lithium and it's symptoms, you'll also notice a direct reflection between those and another infamous "disease": Morgellons.

Cardiovascular system:
  • Irregular/fast heart beat and sudden pain without exertion
  • Circulation & temperature regulation problems (low core temperature)
  • Poor capilary refill, Reynaud's syndrome
Endocrinal system:
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Hypercalcaemia
  • Weight loss/gain
Digestive system
  • Irritable bowel
  • Distended abdomen
  • Malabsorption
  • Colo-rectal discomfort
  • Constipation or loose bowels
  • Rumbling stomach
Musculoskeletal system:
  • Stiff neck upon movement and aching shoulders
  • Pain at base of spine around sacrum (pelvis) and coccyx (anus)
  • Inflammed, aching and stiff joints (fingers, elbows, hips, knees)
  • Weakness in wrists
Lymphatic & Immune system:
  • Inflamed lymph nodes (eg. under jaw line, arm pits, groin)
  • Immune system disruption
Central Nervous system:
  • Numb fingers and/or toes (peripheral neuropathy)
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Racing thoughts
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog - (eg. problems with finding words)
  • Fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Pressure headaches

Last week in my "Thank you" article I mentioned my views of Morgellons :
" I have come to the conclusion that "Morgellons" is an umbrella term, much like "Autism" that is applied to an whole broad spectrum of symptoms, and lumps them all together... when they are NOT.  I am hoping to start a website with a group of people who, like me are working on "morgellons" cures and treatments- but I want to do the research and testing all in real time- ONLINE publicly so that anyone who wants to follow, wants to join us, or wants to try any of the treatments out, can do so.  Without worrying about keeping shit secret, or treatments "under wraps". "

The links between "Morgellons", "Lyme Disease" and "Lithium Toxicity", combined with the toxic over load from Fluoride, Vaccines, and GMO foods, and topically applied chemicals (to mention just a few), and we've become a society of drugged out, immuno-compromised zombies, with a bad case of Lithium poisoning that literally cause us to not give a fuck.

It's time to Give a Fuck.   Time to be an Unfukker and take back our air, water, food, and health.

love d

Further Reading on the Endocrine System and the Skin.

Lithium Being Used In Airborne Spraying Over Oregon

Published October 6, 2015, filed under ENVIRONMENT

lithium Oregon 1b

Lithium and the Experiment over Oregon

By: Ann Fillmore, PhD

In January 2015, I began receiving reports by email, telephone and over Facebook of very specific symptoms from very specific locations under very specific spraying activity throughout Oregon. From my experience as a counselor, having had to do an internship for drug rehabilitation many long years ago, I instantly recognized that the symptoms were being caused, almost certainly, by lithium intake. How could so many people be suddenly dosed up on lithium? And then it hit here in Reedsport, a tiny town on the central coast of Oregon. I had no more doubt. I posted my findings on the various FB pages.
In direct response to these posts, the first letter from the whistle blower arrived on January 30, 2015. I at first thought it was another letter of complaint from someone who thought I had the solution to the horrors of Geoengineering. Instead, the letter is the real thing.
For six months, I respected the danger this person, who uses the pseudonym Locke, was putting himself in and I was very discreet about who saw the letter. And I was very discreet in putting messages on the FB sites to confirm to Locke that I was working on his message. I used the letter as a teaching tool and it was very effective. Either readers were completely convinced of what is happening in Oregon or they went into horrified denial. The Geoengineering activists to whom I sent the letter almost always dismissed it, ignored it or immediately responded that they couldn’t do anything about it. This was very disappointing until I realized that the atrocity of Geoengineering, and these experiments, is on such a vast scale that each of us is struggling to fight in our own corner with very little mutual support.
That being said, I finally sent the letter to Elana Freeland (author of Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth). She pointed out that despite Locke’s fears for his family, he is desperate to get the information out to the media, social media and beyond. So shall it be.
A second letter has surfaced, which I will quote from. It was received by HH in Medford around the first of March. Locke expresses his disappointment that the activists he had contacted never responded. Having had essentially the same non-response, I understand his frustration. So, after much research to back up Locke’s disclosures, here is the pertinent information from the whistle blower. His private information will remain private.
We can deduce from his excellent use of English and from his job description, that he is well educated in a science field, probably a DSc or PhD, he is most likely in his late 30’s or early 40’s, and is equally at home outdoors as in a lab. His use of the name Locke indicates he knows American history. The original John Locke created the concept of the social contract and whole portions of his writings were copied into the US Constitution. Our Locke lives in central Oregon but travels the state extensively. He enjoyed his work up until it was subsumed for what he is describing.

Excerpt from Locke’s first letter:

“For example, I could have warned thousands of people of the ongoing (as of January 27th) spraying to manufacture air stagnation in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys, as well as much of the Oregon Coast south of Florence. The artificially induced period of air stagnation is part of a larger experiment testing the efficacy of psychoactive chemical dispersal from high altitudes. Currently, spraying is most intense along the coast itself and above inland valleys. The stagnant air currents in the region allow for more direct application of psychoactive agents to test populations. I have little formal contact with the chemistry department, but to my knowledge, Lithium is the primary substance being dispersed in the aforementioned experiment. Given the psychoactive/social nature of the ongoing tests, my department is playing a secondary role collecting water and soil samples. The Sociological Research Division however, has operatives throughout the region gathering a massive amount of data regarding the test population’s behavioral traits, like consumer habits, political engagement levels, and awareness of geoengineering programs. I would urge you to inform your friends and peers of this fact, as avoiding observation by refusing to take surveys and engaging in similar actions that can disrupt this sordid research. “

Excerpt from Locke’s second letter:

“These dispersal plumes contain lithium and other psychoactive compounds. The areas targeted as of March 1st are inland valleys and coastal towns south of Florence. Over the next two months, additional spraying operations will be conducted to increase targeting areas in the Portland metropolitan area.”
In both letters, he explains that he is …”an employee of a weather data collection company and, by proxy, a subcontractor for the National Weather Service office in (central Oregon). In my work for the aforementioned institutions, I collected data, e.g. soil samples, that were used to direct spraying operations for the last three years.”

Note that – THREE YEARS.

He sent these letters because of his own family crises which …. “made me recognize the inherent evil of using human beings and the natural environment as a laboratory. Ethical considerations should never be disregarded. Unfortunately at my workplace, they routinely are.”
What he says is part of the picture of what is happening on a global scale: a complete absence of morality. Without compunction, these experimenters are capable of killing subjects with side effects or by doing an LD (lethal dose experiment).
So here are the facts: For three years, up until July 2015 the small towns on the south coast of Oregon: Reedsport, Bandon, Brookings as well as the Klamath Basin and Rogue Valley’s small towns are being used to test lithium and psychoactive compounds on a regular schedule and have been used for such for the last three years. Soil samples are taken and social interviews carried out, and one can assume, medical records which are now computerized, are monitored.
In July 2015 I began receiving reports from observers of symptoms other than from psychoactive compounds. The symptoms indicate an application of a pathogen (disease) component most likely correlated with the use of certain electromagnetic frequencies. This has happened before during the last three years when a round of severe diarrhea was reported, almost entirely in women and female dogs (October – November, 2014).
As of this month, September 2015, another step in this program of direct experimentation has occurred. Up until now, they have had to manufacture a weather inversion or stagnant air inversion to apply the lithium and psychoactive materials directly onto one spot. I noticed the new method of holding the lithium haze cloud in place first over the area in northern California where the massive fires have hit. Elana Freeland wondered if the multiple fine chemtrail lines were of aluminum or some other conductive metal that could interact with the lithium for military communications (C4 -command, control, communication, cyber warfare).
lithium Oregon
At first I didn’t realize what I was seeing: hundreds of thin chemtrails throughout a lithium haze. Despite fairly high winds, the haze, with newly applied daily lines, stayed in one spot for days
On Monday, September 21st, directly over Reedsport, my town, there was a little square cloud that had been placed there from a storm system up in Idaho. Despite offshore winds and the usual breeze along the Umpqua River valley, that square cloud stayed in place all day like a message seeking recognition.
lithium 2
The next day, Tuesday, September 22nd, which is when I travel to the Coos Bay / North Bend, Oregon area to teach Tai Chi, the Geoengineers hit full bore soaking the area in lithium and some sort of psychoactive compound. Let me explain that I had considered this kind of action to be nearly impossible because of the terraine of this area. It is wide open with vast bays and rivers and the ocean to the west, and always strong offshore winds every afternoon. Yet, here was an obvious haze application directly and very low over the entire area and it was holding in place. I wasn’t the only person experiencing vicious and intense symptoms.
When I got home, I caught the radar image. It was exactly the same technique as was used over the fire zone in northern California. Elana Freeland (author of Chemtrails, Haarp and the Total Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth) wondered if the multiple fine chemtrail lines of aluminum or some other conductive metal interacting with the lithium for military communications (C4 – command, control, communications, cyber warfare).
By that evening, I was receiving FB messages from Eugene, Portland and Vancouver,BC of cases of severe chest congestion, coughing, sinus pain, headaches, extreme muscle pain, lethagy. Reports were also coming in of crazy behavior and wild driving.
Locke was right. The experiment over the small towns in Oregon seems to have been successful and is now being used all along the west coast of the U.S. Without a doubt the rest of the world will experience the use of this technique very soon.
This is far more than global weather manipulation. The only reason such experimentation can happen without massive uprisings is because of the thorough disinformation campaign and behavior programming we are subjected to. Anyone in the public health field should instantly see that the patterns of these symptoms have no correlation to any known disease vector.
Hopefully this article will be the stimulus to investigate and take action.

Continue reading on the Liberty Beacon here:

Monday, 5 October 2015

Transpicuous News- October 4, 2015 Video and links

News Links and Notes for the TN Oct 4th Report

Catalonia vote: Pro-independence parties win elections

(star)  Blast hits speedboat carrying Maldives President; 3 injured

President of the Maldives was returning from Haj in Saudi Arabia....

 China’s military advisers ‘heading to Syria to help fight ISIS’ – report

 Iran’s Supreme Leader demands apology from Saudi Arabia over deadly Mecca crush

Tehran says at least 144 Iranians were killed during Thursday’s stampede, while over 300 others are unaccounted for, including the country's former ambassador to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Fars news agency reported.

China vows billions of development dollars, debt forgiveness

Political hyperbol.... or yet another piece of the timeline cross over effects?  We've watched now over the past year as SEVERAL high ranking political people from multiple countries have made statements about WWII that are completely inaccurate.... leading the the question I keep asking:  is it political posturing trying to change history?  Or is it yet again, the Mandela effect?

Tens of thousands protest in Moldova demanding govt resignation, early elections

The calls come after it was discovered that over $1.5 billion had disappeared from three Moldovan banks prior to the 2014 parliamentary elections. The bank fraud wiped out an estimated 1/8th of the country’s GDP.

 Saudi royal calls for regime change in Riyadh

Plea by grandson of state’s founder comes as falling oil prices, war in Yemen and loss of faith in authority buffet leadership of King Salman....A senior Saudi prince has launched an unprecedented call for change in the country’s leadership, as it faces its biggest challenge in years in the form of war, plummeting oil prices and criticism of its management of Mecca, scene of last week’s hajj tragedy....“The king is not in a stable condition and in reality the son of the king [Mohammed bin Salman] is ruling the kingdom,” the prince said. “So four or possibly five of my uncles will meet soon to discuss the letters. They are making a plan with a lot of nephews and that will open the door. A lot of the second generation is very anxious.”

“The public are also pushing this very hard, all kinds of people, tribal leaders,” the prince added. “They say you have to do this or the country will go to disaster.”

I've spoken about this a few times- the Hollywood productions to twist the bad guys into "misunderstood" sorta good guys. the movies Maleficent, ifrankenstein, Dracula Untold, Hotel Translvania... and now....

(star)  *LUCIFER*  | Official Trailer | FOX BROADCASTING - coming to Fox 2016

Onondaga Nation members felt disrespected during Pope Francis visit in NYC

Shell move dims oil prospects, delights environmentalists;_ylt=A0LEVvho0gtWPz8AFZUnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

  *Another blast rocks China’s Liucheng County after series of deadly explosions *

This is NOTICE:

*Keys, cash, passports: Nine everyday objects that are about disappear*

*U.S. officials: Russia's intentions in Syria remain unclear*

""At the request of the Syrian government, we're helping them to fight ISIS and *other* terrorist groups," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov."..... "Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Wednesday that the Russian attacks, which the Kremlin said were meant to target terrorists, didn't appear to hit targets under the control of ISIS, which operates in the north and east of the country."

 Putin: Claims Russian jets killed civilians in Syria emerged before airstrikes started

(star)   Russian strikes again expose US disarray

(star) UPDATE: 10 people reported dead in Oregon college shooting
Putin to Russian army officers: operation 'Salvation' shall begin soon, you must prepare to cleanse Syria from Obama's terrorists

A giant sinkhole opens in North London, 58 homes affected
 the fortified ISIL command center has been damaged and that the infrastructure of the terrorist training camp has been fully destroyed.

BREAKING NEWS:   *Iraqi prime minister says he would ‘welcome’ Russian airstrikes in Iraq *

Gunshots and explosions, presumably heavy artillery shelling can be heard in the city, according to the Turkish Dogan News Agency. The operation, involving the Turkish military's anti-terrorism branch, commenced at 5 a.m. local time (02:00 GMT).
A curfew has been declared in the city until further notice, according to the news outlet.
Read more:    - 17 PKK militants killed

 Obama claims Russian airstrikes ‘strengthening ISIS’

*‘Collateral damage’: At least 9 MSF staff killed in suspected US airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan*

US forces conducted an airstrike in Kunduz at 2:15am on Saturday, said NATO coalition spokesman Colonel Brian Tribus. “The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility,” he said. “This incident is under investigation.”

“We are deeply shocked by the attack, the killing of our staff and patients and the heavy toll it has inflicted on healthcare in Kunduz,” Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)  said in a statement.
Three MSF staff have been confirmed dead, while more than 30 are unaccounted for, according to the organization’s official statement.

Australian officials say Sydney police HQ shooting 'linked to terrorism'


*Copycat risk? Schools in multiple states lock down in wake of UCC shooting*

"In the wake of the UCC shooting, schools in at least three states, stretching from Virginia and Texas to Washington, were either placed in lockdown or warning students to stay away on Friday over reports of people with guns nearby.

At the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, students were told to “avoid the area” since a “possible armed suspect” was reported on campus grounds...."

*It's gonna be a REAL bad day for the CIA and US trained "Moderates" (ie, the "terrorists"), if Putin Unleashes the Chechen Ground troops on them!!!*

(star)  *Putin should unleash Chechen troops on Isis, says region's president *

"The Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, has asked Vladimir Putin to send him to Syria, claiming that a land operation using Chechen ground troops would wipe out Islamic State terrorists.

“The terrorists don’t know what a real war is, because they have only been subjected to airstrikes. They don’t have experience of real military action,” said Kadyrov in an interview with a Russian news agency."

(star) *Kadyrov asks Putin to allow Chechen infantry to fight in Syria*

“This is not idle talk, I am asking for permission to go there and participate in special operations,” Ramzan Kadyrov said in the Friday interview with the RSN radio. “Being a Muslim, a Chechen and a Russian patriot I want to say that in 1999 when our republic was overrun with these devils we swore on the Koran that we would fight them wherever they are,” the Chechen leader said.

 11 TRILLION Dollars In Stock Market Wealth Was Wiped Out In The 3rd Quarter
The following comes from Fortune…

    Global equity markets suffered a bruising third quarter, shedding $11 trillion worth of global shares over three months, according to Bloomberg.

    It was the market’s worst quarter since 2011. The prolonged slump was due to low prices for commodities such as oil, instability in China’s markets, and the anticipation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will soon raise interest rates.

In light of this number, how in the world is it possible that there is still anyone out there that is claiming that “nothing happened” over the past few months?

Abadi calls for Maliki to vacate the premises occupied by the offices within 48 hours

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October / October 3: A source early on Saturday, that "the head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Haider al-Abadi, gave a deadline of no more than 48 hours to the former Prime Minister and Vice President of the Republic article, Nuri al-Maliki, to evacuate offices and headquarters Private former Bmansbah inside the Green Zone, "adding," The claim comes as part of the reforms led by al-Abadi package in response to the demands of the demonstrators. "

Abizaid source said that "a formal letter issued by al-Abadi's office arrived at the al-Maliki, in this regard," noting "that the book Maliki has demanded return of offices and premises occupied by the president and a former Minister and Vice President of the Republic after his dismissal from the last office to the official concerned in the government delivery". Ended O.h

 Russian Air Force hits 50 ISIS targets in Syria over 3 days, ‘significantly’ damaging militants

MSF said in a statement that the hospital was bombed by a series of aerial raids at approximately 15 minute intervals. The bombs “very precisely” and “repeatedly” hit the main central hospital building, housing the intensive care unit, emergency rooms, and physiotherapy ward, it added.

    - The UN Human Rights chief, Zeid Raad al-Hussein says the bombing of the hospital in Kunduz was “utterly tragic, inexcusable and possibly even criminal.” He has called for an investigation into the incident, Reuters reports.
    "This deeply shocking event should be promptly, thoroughly and independently investigated and the results should be made public," al-Hussein said in a statement.
    "The seriousness of the incident is underlined by the fact that, if established as deliberate in a court of law, an airstrike on a hospital may amount to a war crime."
   - Medecins Sans Frontieres has tweeted that 16 people were killed: nine staff members, seven patients, and three children. The medical charity adds that 37 people have suffered injuries, including 19 staff members of whom five are in a critical condition.
    -The head of the US-led forces in Afghanistan, General John Campbell, has apologized to the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani after the bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, the Afghan president’s office has reported, as cited by Reuters.
-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the airstrikes in Kunduz that resulted in the death and injury of medical workers and patients at a MSF hospital. He called for a thorough and impartial investigation into the attack in order to ensure accountability.
“The Secretary-General recalls that hospitals and medical personnel are explicitly protected under international humanitarian law,”